Mesa Red Mountain High School teen threat suspect not being identified

MESA. AZ - The Mesa girl in custody for a plot to kill friends and classmates is a minor so ABC15 is not releasing her name.

But we have learned a lot about the 16-year-old.

Friends tell us she has been dealing with sexual identity issues and has seen a psychiatrist on several occasions.

"She is shy and nice when I talked to her," said longtime friend Devis Barlow. "I just didn't see this coming."

Deputies tells us the girl recently asked her father about the three guns in the home. That scared the father so he locked the guns in a safe.

Deputies also say she even scared herself, because she believed that she really might go through with her plot to "kill everyone."

Her internet post talked about the shootings in Connecticut, writing that she planned her attack weeks before.

"People need to realize what they are seeing and do something about it because you don't know what is in someone's mind," said Red Mountain parent Katherine Bennett.

We asked the family several times to comment and they refused.

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