Mesa police: Man assaulted officer, complained of 'cats eating him'

MESA, AZ - Mesa police arrested a man on suspicion of assaulting an officer after the man, apparently on drugs, complained of "cats eating him."

Officers responded to a trespassing call near Broadway and Dobson roads in Mesa and reportedly found Derrick McDonald in the victim's apartment acting violent. The victim told police that McDonald had entered the apartment uninvited and began screaming about cats eating him.

McDonald allegedly refused to leave when asked, and the victim wanted him removed.

After officers placed him in handcuffs, McDonald began flailing his arms and pushed himself away from police, according to a police report. As arresting officers tried to restrain him, McDonald reportedly fell backwards onto them, injuring an officer's ankle.

Tempe Fire Department personnel responded to the scene and chemically subdued him. Both McDonald and the injured officer were transported to Banner Desert Medical Center to receive treatment.

McDonald could face charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and trespassing.

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