Mesa police investigating suspicious death

MESA, AZ - Mesa police say they've tentatively identified a body found in a dumpster late Thursday night. Detectives are waiting on family to confirm the identity and will only say the death is suspicious.

Terry Braxton's family live in an apartment just feet away from the dumpster where two women, who live in the same complex off Brown Road, discovered the body while digging for cans. 

The women ran to Braxton's home for help and she was the first to call 911. 

"I was frightened, my heart just sank," Braxton said. "I was afraid for my kids because they go to school early in the morning, in the dark."

Police won't confirm it, but the ladies told the Braxtons the body was still warm and they got a clear look at the legs.

"Just the way they were shaped, like a female, they were shaved," Braxton's daughter Kenya told ABC15. "That could've been me, could've been one of my peers, it's scary."

Braxton says police told her the body might have been dumped or the person may have been killed somewhere in the complex.

Mesa police says detectives are finished collecting evidence from the dumpster and have collected DNA swabs. Police say an autopsy will likely take place next week.

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