Mesa officer Larry Kelso may lose badge for using stun gun on stepson

MESA, AZ - A former Mesa police officer could lose his badge for good after being convicted for using his department-issued stun gun on his stepson.

An investigation into the 2007 incident revealed Officer Larry Kelso was upset at his stepson for getting a bad grade on his report card.

The allegations against Kelso didn't surface until 2011 when the officer was getting a divorce from the boy's mother.  

According to Mesa police, Kelso realized the Taser records every time the weapon is fired, and he filed a report stating he used the device to get an aggressive dog under control.

In a recorded conversation, the boy got Kelso to confess.

"I'm sorry for what I did to you. I feel bad to this day. I've always felt bad," said Kelso.

Testimony from family members revealed the boy felt pressure from his mother, who was building a case against her ex-husband.

The victim killed himself just days before he was suppose to testify against Kelso.

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