Mesa missionary, Sara Trevino, held hostage in Guatemala plans to stay until mid-May

MESA, AZ - A Mesa missionary held captive for 30 hours in Guatemala told her father that she is not ready to come home yet.

Three kidnappers grabbed Sara Trevino, 22, on December 18th in the town of Escuintla and demanded money from her family and the church for her release.

"Never in a million years did we think anything would happen to Sara," her father Rodrigo Trevino told ABC15.

Rodrigo said his daughter is one year into an 18 month missionary trip for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She and her colleague were going to meet an 18-year-old pregnant woman to discuss the bible when they discovered the teenager actually had plans to kidnap them along with the help of two men.

"She told me she never cried and her captors were surprised," said Rodrigo. She told her kidnappers, "we're not worried about us, we're worried about you. You'll have to answer to God for what you do to us."

Special police helped by the FBI rescued Sara and the other hostage the next day.

Sara told her father she plans to stay in Guatemala until her mission work is complete.

"She has come out with a lot of faith," Rodrigo said.

Rodrigo said he is hoping to replace the items stolen during the kidnapping including two backpacks, two digital cameras, two purses and jewelry.

Both Sara and her colleague, Gladys Narvaez, enjoy communicating about their work, said Rodrigo, and love to receive letters.

Their contact information is listed below:

Hermana Sara Trevino & Hermana Gladys Narvaez

Guatemala City Central Mission

Apartado 921-A

Zona 9

01009 Guatemala City, Guatemala

The missionaries can also be contacted via

Select: Guatemala City Central Mission, Send Letter

Financial donations can also be made at Chase banks.

Account: 782755730, Sara Trevino

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