Mesa man puts up sign thanking thieves for 'stealing Christmas'

MESA, AZ - A Mesa man's homemade Christmas sign is getting a lot of buzz because it's a thank you to whoever stole his holiday decorations.

The thieves made off with Harry Miller's large Charlie Brown decorations that he's been putting around his Mesa home for years.

They mean a lot to him and his family.

So when they were stolen, he did what he could to make a point. "I took out the board and the white paint and put the sign up," Miller said.

It's not exactly a Season's Greetings message, but the sign says exactly how Miller feels.

"Thanks for stealing Christmas."

Saturday night, Miller went outside his Mesa home and knew something was off. "When I came out and looked fully, everything was gone."

Someone had stolen all but one of his Charlie Brown blow up decorations that he has been collecting since 2005.

Miller said, "It's Christmas. This is the last thing I would expect to happen."

He says neighbors have told him how much they enjoyed his display. Now, they're offering to help.

"They said, 'even though we don't have a lot…if you need lights or other stuff to put up then we'd be more than glad to try and help you.'"

Now all that remains is the last Snoopy on the roof and Miller's sign on the lawn.

But he's not going to let this turn him into a grumpy Grinch.

"I hope whoever has them enjoys them as much as we did and hopefully if they have children, I hope their children enjoy them even more," Miller said.

Miller says he put the decorations up with his grandson who will be turning four soon so these had a lot of sentimental value to him.

So far there are no leads on who stole the decorations.

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