Mesa hair stylist duped into nearly helping kidnapping suspect Robert Milliron avoid arrest

MESA, AZ - At Leslie's Beauty Salon in Mesa, owner Tam Luc sees all sorts of people walk through her doors.

"It's a salon, so it's normal that the customers just walk in," said Luc. "I just treat them good, everybody the same."

But when ABC15 broke the news to her that one of her customers was accused of kidnapping a girl just minutes before his haircut, Luc was shocked.

We showed her a photo of the suspect, 22-year-old Robert Milliron, and she confirmed that was the same person who walked into her store Sunday afternoon.

Police say Milliron got a haircut and shave in an attempt to hide his identity, but he apparently told stylists a different story.

"He just said he needed a haircut because he needed a job."

Luc admits that the 22-year-old was acting nervous, and had cuts on his face. "Shaking and scared," she said. "Blood right here [referencing the neck] and his hands had blood too."

We later learned those wounds were a result of the air bag deploying when he crashed his car into a brick wall in an attempt to escape police.

He was arrested just minutes after leaving the hair salon. The little girl was able to escape and run to police after the car crashed.



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