How are you dealing with the cold?

MESA, AZ - We're on day five of the freeze which has busted pipes, killed plants and broken down heaters.

It's some of the coldest weather in the Valley in nearly three decades and folks are dealing with it differently.

At a bus stop in Mesa Wednesday morning many commuters were bundled up in wool jackets, hats and gloves, while others braved the cold in just hooded sweatshirts.

With morning temperatures in the 20s the last few days, it's made waiting for the bus and light rail a little difficult.

Most are looking forward to a warmer winter, but some folks don't mind the cold.

One man we talked to said he's originally from the Northeast and would take the 30s over 100s any day.

One woman from Georgia disagreed.

She said she moved to Arizona for the warmer weather and instead she's had to blast the heater to keep warm at home.

The ABC15 weather team said we're slowly thawing out with temperatures warming into the 60s by Wednesday afternoon.

It's a forecast the folks at the bus stop were happy to hear.

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