Dog killed after being attacked by bees in Mesa

A swarm of bees attacked four dogs at their Mesa home. One of the dogs died and the three others are fighting for life.

It happened in Christiane Giovanetti's backyard near Ellsworth Road and University Drive on Thursday.

"The dogs were just banging on the window and trying to get away," she said. "It is devastating because there is nothing you can do."

Giovanetti's 7-year old lab-mix "Belle" died during the attack. The other dogs were stung hundreds of times each and are being treated. It is too soon to tell if they will survive.

The dogs are being treated by vets at Caring Hearts Animal Clinic in Gilbert. Vets there tell ABC15 that most animals that get stung that many times often do not survive.

The dogs appear to be improving, but it will be several days before they are in the clear.

The stings cause severe allergic reactions that create breathing problems, and swelling and can also cause muscle damage.

Giovanetti was stung about 10 times herself and was helpless watching at the animals suffered.

"You just can't do anything when there are that many," she said.

Giovanetti said less than a half hour before, her children and niece were playing out in the yard. She is just thankful they didn't get hurt.

The hive was found in the chimney of the abandoned house next door.  

It is unclear what stirred the hive to spur the attack.

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