Claudia Ann Lucero of Mesa remembered as police continue search for killer

MESA, AZ - A Mesa community came together Monday night to remember a 14-year-old Claudia Ann Lucero.

But, how she died remains a mystery. Police are still searching for clues and say not many people have come forward with information.

The girl's body was found in a dumpster December 6 by two women looking for cans.            

More than a 100 mourners showed up to a candlelight vigil in her honor near Brown Road and Mesa Drive. They brought dozens of candles, roses and toys to pay tribute to the Westwood High School student.

Her family says her death is still hard to accept. Brother Ricky Lucero didn't want to believe his only sister was dead when he was told the news.

"I thought it was just a joke. But then when I saw my mom in tears and my brothers in tears, it's like, it can't be true."

He says there's "an empty space now that she's gone."        

Ricky says Claudia was kind and had a big heart so he can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt her.

"She loved to sing, dance and just make people laugh."

Veronica Ramirez was close with the victim and was overwhelmed with the turnout. "I was just so happy to see everybody and all the support."

Days after the young girl's senseless death, her family now wants to know who would do this and why. "I want someone to come forward and say 'I saw this' or 'I saw that' because every little [piece of] evidence is one step ahead to finding that person," said Ricky.

Mesa police are not releasing many more details regarding the homicide.

Her school did release a statement saying they've informed students and staff of her death and grief counselors are available.

The family also is thankful to the women who found Claudia's body because who knows how long she could've been there if it wasn't for them.

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