Christopher Alejo defends himself against murder charges

A Valley family begged a judge Monday to keep their loved one's killers behind bars.

The charred remains of 39-year-old Daniel Gomez were found in a wash on the Salt River Indian Community.

The initial court appearance for all four suspects was held Monday morning.

One of the suspects sat down with ABC15's Navideh Forghani to share his side of the story.

"I'm shocked, numb, I think what the hell happened?" said Christopher Alejo from the 4th Avenue Jail.

"You try to help someone out, and they implement you in this B.S.," he said

Authorities have charged Alejo with disposing Gomez's body after he was beaten to death in a Mesa apartment last week.

"That's a bunch of lies," said Alejo.

Police said Genaro Silva walked in on Gomez in a bedroom with his girlfriend.

Officials said Silva picked up a hammer and started to beat Gomez to death.

Police said Alejo, along with the help of Silva, his girlfriend Vanessa Mendoza, and Mendoza's mother Sylvia Olivas, wrapped Gomez's body up in a blanket, dumped it in a wash and lit it on fire.

But Alejo tells a completely different story.

"There's chaos in the back. The daughter pushes me in the back and tells me to not let her mother come back," he said.

When asked if he wrapped up the body, Alejo said "No I did not."

When asked if he would ever help dispose of a body, Alejo said "It depends on the circumstances, but no, in this case, no."

While Alejo denied any involvement in the death of Gomez, he did have something to say to his family.

"It's sad that he had to go the way he did, but everyone has to die."

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