Black Friday: Best Buy offers early bird specials to Thanksgiving Day shoppers

MESA, AZ - Instead of waiting for Black Friday, shoppers at Best Buy spent their Turkey Day camped out in the name of technology and doorbuster deals.

The top rule for a techy is to be the first to have anything and that includes the front spot in line. Jose Segura started camping with his friends at the store entrance in Mesa at midnight Wednesday.

"Just talking, hanging, took a nap," Segura says of passing the time bundled up in a camping chair.

Yadira Wong wasn't first in line, but it was her first time joining the madness of early doorbusters.

"We wanted to try something new, something different so we skipped Thanksgiving."

Wong had so much fun while in line, she already started planning another round of shopping early Friday morning.

Ronny Kerns is a seasoned Black Friday shopper, this is his sixth year waiting in a long line and he enjoyed the early evening opening more than past years.

"I love this weather, it's better than the rain, I've waited in rainstorms," Kerns said.

When the doors opened at 6 p.m. sharp shoppers flowed through the doors and got into another series of lines for hot ticket items like tablets, flat screen televisions and gaming systems.

Gifts or personal splurges in hand, customers like Garrett Long say the wait was well worth it.

"It's a thrill when you wait that long in line to get something so simple but yet so amazing."

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