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Bike-sharing companies popping up throughout Mesa

Posted: 10:17 PM, Feb 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-01 05:18:34Z

More lime green and bright yellow bikes will be popping up across the Valley. 

Mesa is the latest city to debut LimeBike and ofo.

Ofo tells ABC15 they're hoping to expand into Phoenix this year as well. 

As we've reported before in Scottsdale, the programs don't come without headaches, with some residents complaining that the bikes are getting left in yards, in the street, and in random places like next to dumpsters. 

"You know, it's randomly finding bikes in certain places," explains Sean Curtis, but despite that, Curtis says he still supports the program. 

We drove around town and overall, noticed people had done a good job of parking their bikes on sidewalks and out of harm's way. 

We did spot one bike that was parked next to a sign for an apartment complex, even though the sidewalk was only twenty feet away. 

The City of Mesa confirmed to ABC15 that they have received a number of calls since the bikes debuted, but mostly from people who were just curious about them. 

"I've seen the bikes left in odd places, but it's not a big deal," explains Eddie Hantas.

Hantas says the bikes give Mesa a big city feel, they're great for exercise, and they cut down on pollution. 

"People need to just be chill," he explains. 

Ofo tells ABC15 they have team members working seven days a week to haul bikes away if needed. The app makes it easy to report bikes that are broken or parked illegally. 

You can find out more info on LimeBike by calling 1(888)-LIME-345. To report misplaced bikes to ofo, email 

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