Alexis Urbina-Ochoa: Family reacts to the arrest of two suspects in boxer's murder

Family members are relieved that two people have been arrested for a teen's murder, but they say their fight isn't over.
Sulem Soto, Alexis Urbina-Ochoa's sister, got the call from detectives Friday night just hours before she stepped into the ring. She and her 17-year-old brother boxed together for the past seven years. 
"I was relieved that these people were put away so they weren't out on the street hurting other families," she said.
The news came five hours before she put on the gloves. Sulem was taking part in the Gene Lewis Invitational in Mesa.
The call about the arrests pumped up her adrenaline.  
"You just get more emotional, so it was hard to focus, but I was able to do it," Soto said.
She stepped into the ring around midnight, with only one thing on her mind -- her brother.  
"I told him that I would win this for him because every year we won this together," Soto said.
Her husband and trainer, Andrew Soto, also trained Alexis. He says the arrests bring relief, but the call was not closure.  
"It was like anger all over again," he said. "It was like reopening a wound."
Urbina-Ochoa won the 2013 National Championships back in April and even competed in the Ukraine. His mission was to bring home Olympic gold.
"That was the plan," said his trainer. "That was the goal. He was supposed to be the 2016 Olympian for USA."
Now, his sister will fight in his corner to make sure his memory lives on.  
Urbina-Ochoa was beaten unconscious in his Phoenix home in September and died the next day.
"His legacy will go on," she said. "His name will be known and his name will be used in a positive way in the community."
Soto says she's trying to earn a spot on the boxing team with Mexico. She heads to the nationals later this month.
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