Syria conflict: Valley doctor anxiously awaits congressional approval of US military strike

GILBERT, AZ - Dr. Zaki Lababidi grew up in Damascus and went to medical school there before coming to the United States in 1986.

Now working as a cardiologist in Gilbert, it's hard for him to watch all the violence taking place in his home country of Syria.

"My wife's cousin is a dentist who left behind three children," said Lababidi. "Picked up by the government checkpoint and his wife knew about him from looking at pictures in a book of people who the government killed."

Lababidi wants the U.S. to take military action in Syria. But now he's forced to wait on a congressional approval before the U.S. moves forward.

The Obama administration's rocky relationship with Congress makes him feel uneasy about this.

"It makes me nervous a little bit that there's a small possibility they will not approve it," said the Syrian native.

The doctor doesn't know if Congress will approve of military action, but he wants to see the violence in his home country come to an end.

"Stop the killing in Syria. Every day 100 people die; 110,000 people confirmed dead," said Lababidi.

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