Mental health hospital zoned near Gilbert homes

GILBERT, AZ - A plan for a mental hospital to be built near a Gilbert community has raised safety concerns for nearby residents.

In April of 2012, Saguaro Springs Mental Facility was planning on building their hospital next to an elementary school.

After receiving numerous complaints from parents and faculty, the facility backed off and found a new location near Val Vista Drive and Williamsfield Road, but the new location is still causing concern.

Residents who live across the street from the lot are wishing they had known about the plans before moving in.

"They really need to look into the surrounding area before they make a decision like this," said Tony Lube.

Lube lives in the Annecy Condos across the way and is not only concerned about property value, but about all the families with children.

There are a number of school bus stops along the street, just steps away from where Saguaro Springs is planning on being built.

"You can see as we walk here, this bus stop is not even 50 yards away from this mental hospital's proposed building site," said Lube.

The City of Gilbert is planning for a final design review of the landscape, draining and grading, elevations and lighting on October 10th.

The parcel for the proposed facility is being zoned as a regional commercial area. Under the Town's Land Development Code, a medical hospital is a permitted use, whether for physical or behavioral health issues.

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