Gilbert girl, Cerina Adame, pitches during boys' baseball game

GILBERT, AZ - The saying goes "there is no crying in baseball." There aren't supposed to be girls either, but nobody told that to 15-year-old Cerina Adame from Gilbert.

"I'm not going to cry or pout, I'm going to be tough," said Cerina before her big game playing for the Desert Hills High School boys' baseball team.

She is easy to spot in the field, she's the only player wearing a bow in their hair. Cerina, a sophomore, is already a star on the girls' softball team and Wednesday she was the starting pitcher on the boys' team after impressing the coach with her strong arm.  

"She threw the ball from the parking lot to home base and wowed me a bit," said Coach Don Balagna.

It's no secret the Cougars could use the help, girl or not. They are 0-3 so far this season. But what do the boys think of playing with a girl?

"It's the same. You just go out and play the best you can," said teammate Hunter Foster.

During her debut Cerina's first pitch was a strike, her first batter an out. But in the end, the team lost 11-0.

"Just being out there and throwing that first pitch made it all worth it," said Cerina.

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