Gilbert and Scottsdale ranked in top 5 'safest cities' in US

GILBERT, AZ - Two cities in Arizona were named among the top five safest cities in the United States, according to Law Street Media.

Using information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Report Statistics in 2013,  the City of Gilbert was found to have "a very efficient policing system," according to a Monday press release.

Gilbert's Mayor, John Lewis, said he was proud to earn this title and that, "Gilbert's safe atmosphere is created through the dedication of our terrific police department along with the commitment to our community from our residents and businesses to continue to make it a clean, safe and vibrant place to live and work."

The City of Scottsdale also made the list at number five. A high officer-to-resident ratio, and a "vibrant economy" were cited as two of the main factors contributing to Scottsdale's overall safety.

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