Valley company Microchip Technology pioneering touch technology

CHANDLER, AZ - Many of us are familiar with keyless entry -- where a vehicle recognizes when you get close to your car, and unlocks the door.

Now, a Valley company is developing what they hope is the next generation of more secure auto security.

"You would walk up to the car door handle, touch it, it would do the bi-directional authentication, unlock the door and allow you to go in," Microchip Technology Inc's business development manager, Edward Dias said.

The technology doesn't stop with cars. The Chandler company has developed a touch-based system called BodyCom they hope will revolutionize how we interact with our world.

Users with a sensor in a key fob just have to touch a panel to gain access or turn on a device.  Without the sensor, it won't work.

"It capacitively couples one point to another point using the human body as the channel," Dias explained.

Simply put, BodyCom uses touch-sensitive technology, a lot like we see on a smartphone. It's being sold in kits, and the microchip company encourages others to incorporate it into other products.

"We're using our technology to enable our customers to develop more of their products," Dias said.

For around $150, Microchip Technology is selling a BodyCom starter kit, allowing others to experiment with touch technology.

"What we offer them right now is a small development kit, and a free software kit that gets them up and running with this technology," Dias said.

So stay tuned. Dias says BodyCom technology could be just a touch away.

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