New third grade reading requirements take effect this fall

CHANDLER, AZ - Starting next school year, 3rd graders will have to pass a reading test that shows they are reading on grade level in order to advance.

Third grade teacher Monique Jaffes at Hartford Elementary in Chandler tells ABC15 that she is concerned about students who advance when they are not ready, but also worries that the law could be too extreme.

"To repeat the whole year might be a little much," she said. She explained that sometimes it can be just a narrow margin for where the kids would fall short. She also pointed to the fact that other things can influence a child's test score.  

"Test anxiety may not show what the kids are capable of," she said.

She does agree though that it is important for kids to be at the appropriate reading level.

The new requirements are tied to state law.

Students who do get held back would have access to services like summer school.



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