Mother of Chandler boy facing animal abuse charges speaks out

CHANDLER, AZ - Four boys are facing animal abuse charges after being  caught on tape torturing and killing a kitten in Chandler.

One of the mothers of the boys spoke in defense of her son. She said her child made a bad decision but that doesn't make him a bad person.

The boys, ranging from ages seven to 12, are seen on video kicking and throwing the cat at a trailer park and then tossing its lifeless body over a fence and into a pool.

The mother, who ABC15 has chosen not to identify, says her son feels remorse for what he's done. "They're kids and they know it was a mistake."

The video shows one of the boys throwing a soccer ball at the kitten. Then, another boy goes down the slide and kicks the small kitten, as many as six times. Finally, one boy throws the kitten to the ground and then they throw its body over a fence.

The mother adds that this behavior isn't how she's raised her boy. "An animal is the same, it feels and has pain."

Still the whole experience with authorities has left her boy so shaken, that he doesn't even want to come out of his room.

"I don't want people to think that he's a bad kid, or that he would ever do something like this again," she said.

She also wants the public to know her family is sad about what transpired. "A million apologies to everyone for what happened."

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