More money available for Valley school safety programs

CHANDLER, AZ - As kids head back to school, more money is available for school safety programs.
Earlier this summer, the legislature approved an additional $3.6 million. A total of $8.4 million will be dispersed by the Department of Education.  That money goes to school safety programs including salaries for school resource officers.
School Resource Officers are police officers that typically are placed in high schools and junior high schools.   
Kevin Quinn is an SRO at Hamilton High School and also the president of the National Association of School Resource Officers.  He explained that crisis plans are updated yearly and constantly reviewed.
"We're always thinking about 'What if,'' he said. "Tragedies like Newtown have us really thinking more about what we would do in similar situations."
Quinn said that their role is important because they are the first response to a problem. He said it is the bond  with the students that helps unravel threats and hoaxes.

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