LifeVest helps save Chandler woman's life

CHANDLER, AZ - It's a sound that Jerry Riley never wanted to hear -- a loud beeping noise coming from the bedroom of his home.

The alarm was coming from the LifeVest that his wife Lois was wearing at the time. It meant that she was going into cardiac arrest.

Jerry rushed into the bedroom only to witness his wife of 55 years falling back on the bed and suffering a heart attack.

Fortunately for Lois Riley, she was wearing a LifeVest. 

The LifeVest is a wearable defibrillator that immediately detects an abnormal heart rate. The monitor then sends a signal to the therapy pads, which dispense a blue gel, improving the effectiveness of the shocks and protecting the skin from burns. The pads then send a shock to the heart, which works the same as a traditional defibrillator.

LifeVest is used as a temporary defibrillator after heart attacks, or those at serious risk of one after stent placement.

Lois was given the Lifevest by Dr. Shakoor from Chandler Cardiology Associates. It helped saved Lois before she received an implantable defibrillator for long-term protection.

The monitor also sends an emergency signal to local police and fire departments.  Police arrived at Lois' door in only three minutes to help assist her after her heart attack.

"I would have died right there. I would have died if I didn't get that shock. This vest should be in every doctor's officer," said Lois.

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