Egypt riots leave Valley man Gamal Raslan trapped

A fun family reunion with relatives in Egypt slowly escalated into a dangerous situation for 22-year-old Gamal Raslan of Chandler.

Raslan flew to Cairo on June 4 to spend two months site seeing and traveling with relatives. Over the past week, Raslan noticed the streets turn from a busy marketplace to a place of riots, and more recently death.

"I've just had to stay inside the house because the streets have been crazy," said Raslan.

The confrontation stems from the Egyptian military's ousting of President Mohammed Morsi. On Monday, more than 50 people were killed including three soldiers. Hundreds of others were hurt from the protests, leaving Raslan in a dangerous situation.

"We've had a close call when we were turning the corner to get to my family's house. Everyone got scared because they saw pro-Morsi protestors coming and everyone started panicking and freaking out," said Raslan.

Raslan's main mission is to get home to Arizona as soon as possible. His original itinerary had him home at the end of August, but Raslan and his mom have been working to find a quicker way. Raslan reached out to the U.S. Embassy but was told they couldn't help because no evacuation has been ordered.

"It's just been tough staying inside. My family is worried about me stepping out and tell me to not speak any English because they don't want anything to go down," said Raslan.

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