Chandler's Lyndsey Fry to represent Team USA in winter Olympics

CHANDLER, AZ - A Chandler woman has become the first native Arizonan to ever make an Olympic hockey team. 

21-year-old Lyndsey Fry is headed to the Sochi 2014 Winter Games to represent Team USA.

"I fell in love with the "Mighty Ducks" movie when I was four years old," said Fry. 

That love, is still going strong for Fry, who's currently in Boston training. 

We spoke with her via Skype about the big news that's yet to sink in. "No, and I don't know if it ever will," she says.

"You do kind of have to pinch yourself and remember where we're going to be headed in three weeks."

Lyndsey's been on the ice since kindergarten, and after 15 years of lacing up, her determination paid off.

"Yeah, I had a friend tell me that it probably will hit me when all of this is over," she says, "And I'm sitting on my couch in Arizona in March and just go 'holy cow! All of that just happened.'"

And it's happening without her best friend Liz. The two made a pact to play together in the Olympics. "I was just sitting there in the locker room and I put my hand on her knee and I said, 'this isn't going to be the last time we play together. We're going to work our butts off, and do everything we can to make it on that Olympic team."

But that dream ended on December 23, 2010 when Liz was killed in a car accident.

"You know," says Fry, "I like to think that this roster is going to have 22 people on it, so I know she's going to be there with me which is awesome."

And to all the other young athletes out there, the ones with Olympic-sized goals, Lyndsey says never give up.

"Believe in your dream, work hard for it, see what happens and you'll be surprised."

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