Chandler PD: 4 boys face felony animal abuse charge; surveillance video shows beating of kitten

CHANDLER, AZ - Four boys have been arrested and booked into a juvenile detention center for brutally beating a kitten to death earlier this month, police said.

Sgt. Joe Favazzo said surveillance video turned in to authorities shows six boys repeatedly abusing a young kitten in a Chandler park. The incident occurred on Oct. 14, but wasn't reported to police until the next day.

According to police, the six boys – between the ages of 7 and 12 years old -- initially start to play with the playground equipment. Video footage shows that they have a small dog and a kitten with them, however,  the situation quickly turns dangerous for the kitten.

In the video, the boys can be seen pushing the dog down the slide, forcing it to run into the kitten.

Officers estimated the kitten to be less than two months old.

Minutes later, another boy appears to throw a soccer ball at the kitten, which is trapped on the slide. The situation escalates when one of the boys appears to hold the kitten at the bottom of the slide while one of the other boys slides down, running into the animal.

Favazzo said this happened at least six times.

In the most graphic portion of the video, one of the boys can be seen slamming the kitten, believed to be less than two months old, violently to the ground. Police said the boys then threw the "limp and lifeless kitten" over a fence and into a nearby pool.

The kitten could be seen trying to escape several times during the ordeal, but was recaptured each time, according to the police report. The kitten was found underneath one of the boy's homes and allegedly sold to another boy for $3.

Four of the six boys were arrested Sunday and booked into a Mesa juvenile detention facility on a felony charge of animal cruelty, said police. One of the boys, the youngest, is too young to face charges. The last boy was an observer, said police, and did not participate in the events.

Police are not releasing the names of the boys involved as they are juveniles. Due to the nature of the case, police said it took a couple of weeks to complete the investigation and conduct interviews.

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