Chandler family works together to create Halloween screams

CHANDLER, AZ - Across the Valley, Halloween buffs spent the day putting the final touches on their haunted experience. Their biggest rewards come in the form of the loudest screams.

The Kwilosz family start planning their haunt long before the pumpkins were ripe.

"I start planning in July," laughs Suzie Kwilosz who brainstorms each year's theme.

This year's theme is Hansel & Gretel's Nightmare.

"She gets really into it. If there's any holiday she likes the most it's definitely Halloween," proudly boasts Tres Kwilosz of his mother's Halloween adventure.

It's not just Suzie who goes all out. The whole family participates in the haunted yard, including aunts, uncles and grandparents.

"My grandpa is in his 70s and still likes it," says Matt Kwilosz, Suzie's son.

The family has been putting on their haunted yard for over 10 years.

'I think we just kind of grew up with it. We all started young watching scary movies and stuff like that and it just grew from there," Tres says. "When we all got too old to trick-or-treat then we just started something new."

"I did it so I could still enjoy Halloween with my boys, but also for the neighborhood," Suzie says. "The kids love it and will line up and down the street. I can't let them down."

The yard isn't for the weak of heart.

While Suzie tries to keep it toned down when little trick-or-treaters visit, one of Matt's favorite memories is when his grandfather donned a chainsaw.

"He walked bow-legged. So when he's coming at you with a chainsaw it looks freaky. You know kids will be down the street and they'll come ‘cause they hear the chainsaw," Matt said.

It may take weeks creating it and hours to get the whole family made up, but Suzie doesn't ever tire of the family fun.

"I'll be doing this when I'm 70 and will no longer have to paint on the wrinkles, they'll be natural," she says.

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