Chandler family believes their chickens were stolen due to their role in repealing the city's ban

CHANDLER, AZ - A Chandler family suspects their chickens were kidnapped in retaliation against their views on the city's proposed ban on backyard birds.

Friday, just weeks before the Chandler city council is set to vote on the issue, the Papay family reported their 12 chickens missing.

The couple has been very vocal about the issue.

Joe Papay was the first to ask that the city of Chandler reconsider the ban. The proposed ordinance allowing chickens in Chandler neighborhoods, inspired by the Papay family's hens, goes up for a vote in July.

The Papays relocated from Chandler to Phoenix with their hens as they waited for Chandler's chicken laws to change.

Sheila, wife and mother, said their two children are heartbroken and cry over their missing pet chickens. 

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