Cat rescued in Chandler after 3-day-long ordeal

Rescuing a cat from a tree may sound like a news cliché, but this particular story might leave you with a smile that's worth your time.

Christian Johnson and his daughter said they first noticed a black and white cat meowing in one of their Chandler neighborhood trees on Friday.

They tried to get the animal down with a ladder near Central Drive and Laredo, but said the cat was just too high for their reach.

The family told ABC15 they called every non-emergency line they could find, but they were unable to find help.

"Nobody wants to help this poor little cat," said wife Heather Johnson in an email to ABC15. "I am so sad, it's just meowing and going higher up the tree and now it sounds weak."

Early Monday, a tree-trimming crew in the area noticed the commotion and asked if they could help. They had an electric ladder, along with the necessary height to reach the cat.

Up the ladder went until it found that cat wedged between two branches. One of tree-trimming crew members then reached for the animal, pulled it from its perch and brought the cat back to earth.

While the cat appeared to be in good shape, the Johnson's told ABC15 they will take the cat home to feed it and then make an appointment at a vet to get the animal checked out.

At this point, the owners of the cat haven't been found -- but thank to the generosity and kindness of so many bystanders, that cat has at least a temporary place to call home.

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