Accident forces Valley man to change outlook on life

CHANDLER, AZ - Anthony Cisneros has been a therapist for seven, almost eight years.

Cisneros said he always knew he wanted to help people, but becoming a massage therapist wasn't his first dream.

"It's actually been my stepping stone to so much more you know?"

He discovered it because of something he lost eight years ago.

"I was actually going to school for psychology, studying psychology when I was involved in the accident."

Anthony was on his way home from school in Sacramento when he was hit by a light rail train.

"The doctors told me that I would lose my eye sight within two months and I didn't believe it after two months, two years, but five years later, just before Christmas was when the lights went out."

So Anthony sat and sat frightened by what he could no longer see.

Finally, his wife Heather had enough. "I begged him to go to the store."

"She said I need a gallon of milk, and I need you to go to the store to get it for me and so I was terrified," says Anthony

"I knew it would be scary for him but I think that probably put a switch on that I needed him. I needed my husband to do something for me, something big," says Heather.

"I did it. I not only made it to the store in one piece, I made it home with her gallon of milk. If I remember correctly, when I was putting that gallon of milk away, I vaguely remember that there was already a gallon of milk in the fridge, says Anthony.

That miracle helped him see what he was capable of achieving. He now hopes he can do the same for his wife who is struggling with losing her own eyesight.

"I have a condition called Anaridia. So all I see, I see color and light but it's no shapes of anything. It's just blurry of color and lights," says Heather.

It's rare we get an opportunity to pay back the favor of our life like Anthony's wife did for him.

But he said he'll be waiting to be her guiding light. Showing her anything is possible, even after the lights go out.

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