Phoenix officers wounded when shot by wanted man

PHOENIX - Two Phoenix police officers were wounded with bird shot pellets while arresting two men sought in an earlier shooting in Mesa.

Police say the two veteran officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries to their legs.

They say 27-year-old Nazario B. Castillo is being held on suspicion of seven counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.

Police say 25-year-old Emmanuel L. Castillo was booked into jail for unlawful flight.

It's unclear if the two men are related.

A Phoenix officer spotted and stopped a vehicle with two men sought in a shooting Tuesday evening in Mesa.

Police say Emmanuel Castillo was arrested right away but Nazario Castillo fled the scene.

A police dog found him hiding under a parked car in a driveway and he allegedly fired a shotgun at approaching officers.


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