'Superman is an Immigrant' campaign launched with 'Man of Steel' movie

PHOENIX - He represents truth, justice and the American way, and of course there's no mistaking that red cape.

"Superman, The Man of Steel" is a hit on the big screen, and one organization is hoping to ride the cape of Superman's success by launching a campaign.

The organization called " Superman is an Immigrant" was created in an effort to change the way American's view immigration. The movement has many "Man of Steel" fans split on the issue.

"To me, real superhero fans compare themselves to the heroes so I understand why they compare themselves because I do too," said one fan.

"Hmmm... I don't really think it's comparable. It's a movie. It's Hollywood," said another fan.

The campaign insists it is comparable, saying Superman came to the U.S. from the planet Krypton with a promise of hope. It's something Promise Arizona director Petra Falcon, who supports immigration reform, says is a direct correlation.

"He came here and he wanted to contribute, and an immigrant comes here and they are contributing. They're contributing to the livelihood of their families but also contributing to this country. Helping to build homes, our communities and certainly our economy so it is a parallel," said Falcon.

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