No flood insurance hinders Phoenix families trying to repair homes after monsoon

PHOENIX - Some Valley residents, who were victims of flooding from Sunday's monsoon, have found out their home insurance won't cover the damage.

On Sunday, Josh Hardin says, water crashed through his front doors and flooded his entire home.

Water destroyed the wooden floors and most of their furniture.

The Hardin family says they tried to purchase homeowners insurance last year. However, it was too expensive because of crime in their neighborhood.

The Hardins moved to Phoenix last year. The couple bought and remodeled a home on West Chipman.

"You think the Mississippi River would flood?" said Hardin. "Who would have thought, it would flood right in the middle of the city?"

Flooding isn't covered under most homeowners' insurance plans. People need to ask their insurance companies about purchasing a separate plan, to make sure they're covered.

Flood insurance in Maricopa County costs between $200-$600 a year.

There's about a 30 day waiting period before the insurance policy will go into effect.


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