New interactive map helps Valley residents reunite with lost pets

The days of sticking flyers to telephone poles may be ending for pet owners looking to find their lost loved ones.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control workers have developed an interactive mapping tool that helps pet owners locate their missing dog or cat. MCACC claims the tool is the first of its kind in the entire country.

Animal Control officers will write down the specific location where they found the animal, along with the breed and the date they found it. They will also take a picture of the animal as well. That information is then uploaded to a database on their website.

On the MCACC site, you can type in the address or major intersection of where your pet was last seen, use your current location to do a search, or type in your home address.

"It was very simple. Relief was the number one thought going through my head when the picture popped up," said Cesar Garcia, who used the site to find his lost dogs.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control took in 33,262 stray animals last year, and only 12% of them were reunited with their families. MCACC hopes this new tool will increase that percentage for years to come.

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