Phoenix woman, Sandra Jackson, uses Lookout app to track down phone thief

PHOENIX - Smart phones just got a whole lot smarter. A new app is now helping phone theft victims track down their thieves.

Sandra Jackson was getting home late from work when a stranger approached her from behind demanding everything in her purse.

"I told him I really didn't have anything. He looked in it, he saw that I had four dollars, and then in the pocket of my purse I had my cell phone. He said, 'I'll take that.' So he took them both and took off running," said Jackson.

Jackson immediately filed a police report that night. The following morning she noticed a handful of emails from the Lookout app she download months earlier.

"They all said uh oh, someone is trying to access your device," said Jackson.

Lookout snaps a silent picture of anyone who attempts to access your password three times, along with the longitude and latitude coordinates of the phone and emails them directly to your account.

In total, Jackson received four emails, including a photo of her thief and his whereabouts. She immediately brought the information to police.

"I turned it all in around noon that day and by 7 p.m. that night he was arrested. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the cards for him that day, so it just feels like you stole from the wrong person," said Jackson.

Lookout is free to download for all Android and Apple devices.

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