Hispanic leaders ask for more Latino role models in schools

PHOENIX - There's a push for Hispanic administrators in public schools.

According to the Board of Education, over thirty percent of students in public schools are Latino.             

Arizona Hispanic School Administrators Association (AZHSAA) is an organization that provides extra training for Latino teachers.

Executive Director Rene Diaz says the goal is to place those teachers back into schools to be role models for Hispanic students.

Diaz says currently less than five percent of administrators in Arizona are Hispanic.

Nearly 3,000 students attend Alhambra High School. Principal Claudio Coria says around 80 percent are Hispanic.

Barabra Olachea is a Junior at Alhambra. She says she speaks Spanish at home but English at school.

Olachea says doesn't have any teachers who are Latino.

"I feel like having someone to look up to gives you more confidence that you can achieve that," said Olachea.

Principal Coria says Alhambra has less than six teachers who are Hispanic.

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