Alexis Urbina-Ochoa update: Arrests made in Phoenix boxer's death, according to police

PHOENIX - Phoenix police say two people are in custody in connection with the September death of a 17-year-old Olympic boxing hopeful.

Police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump confirmed the arrests Friday night.

Family members say Alexis Urbina-Ochoa's mother discovered him beaten and left for dead just a few hours after she left their house near Broadway Road and Central Avenue.

They say Alexis had big dreams for the future. The 2013 USA Boxing Youth National Champion was training in a Phoenix gym for the 2016 Olympics.

"We both wanted to win national titles. We had our lives planned around boxing, me and him together," said his sister Sulem Urbina.

Their eyes were on Olympic gold. He wanted to represent team USA, she would represent Mexico. But that all changed, when first Alexis went brain dead and then died.

"He was trained to fight, he was trained to be a champion. And they took all his hopes and dreams away from him," said Andrew Soto, Alexis's coach and brother-in-law.

Andrew still expects him to walk into the gym.

His boxing gloves hang on the wall, and his name is written on the board for their next competition.

It is so much stolen, so fast, for a family that lives and breathes boxing.

"I want my family to find peace," Sulem said. "But until we find the people that did this to him, we're not going to find peace."

Police said they were looking into robbery as a motive because some items were missing from the house. But they said there were no signs of forced entry, and they're not ruling other motives out.

Crump said the investigation is still ongoing.

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