Walmart rolling out new app that allows shoppers to 'scan and go'

PHOENIX - Walmart shoppers in Phoenix are among the first to try a new app that allows them to scan their groceries as they shop.

The app, that is currently only available for the iPhone, has been in place at the Walmart on 2501 West Happy Valley Road for the past month.

Shoppers scan their groceries, bag them in their cart as they go, and when they're finished, they scan their bill at the register and pay as normal.

"It saves time and people really like it," said assistant store manager Heather Knopf.

The "scan-and-go" app will soon be available for other types of phones.

Shoppers can keep track of their lists and executives say it has been a good budgeting tool for many shoppers.

The Happy Valley store is currently the only Phoenix location testing the app, but Walmart said they plan to expand test locations soon.


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