Valley woman Claudine Rad sues over tainted berries

CHANDLER, AZ - A second Valley resident has filed a lawsuit claiming tainted berries made her sick.

Claudine Rad said she bought Townsend Farms frozen berries and put them into a smoothie. Soon after, she got sick and stayed sick for weeks. "It was like the worst flu you've ever had," Rad said.

Rad said she was in bed for weeks, missing about a month of work and wages. Only now, nearly two months later, is she feeling better. "I still have fatigue, but most of it has passed through my system."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said an outbreak of hepatitis A has been linked to the frozen berry mix sold at Costco.

Rad's case is part of a growing list of lawsuits across five western states with at least 30 people claiming they got sick from the berries.

Costco has pulled the product from store shelves and is trying to notify customers to stay away from the berries. 

Hepatitis A can cause severe health issues and, in some cases, even death if not treated.

Health officials think pomegranate seeds from Turkey may have been tainted and then processed at the farm in Oregon.

"You trust these things and the food you eat," Rad said. "I try to eat healthy and wash my hands and then I get sick because someone else didn't wash their hands."

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