Nadeem Alferikh sentenced to 14 years for the murder of 78-year-old Milton Raffle

PHOENIX - 19-year-old Nadeem Alferikh was sentenced Monday to 14 years in prison for the murder of 78-year-old Milton Raffle.

Police say Raffle was on his nightly walk in July of 2011 when he was shot and killed at a north Phoenix park.

Police say Alferikh and Brandon Roberts, who were both seventeen at the time, were looking for money to buy drugs when they robbed Raffle and shot him in the head.

"It's a shame to hear that two kids go into the park to get drugs, and basically didn't have any money, so they're going to rob somebody," said Raffle's son Lee.

Raffle left behind four sons and four grandchildren who have found some closure in the sentence.

"Nothing brings dad back, but to hope that this young man isn't going to do this to anybody else, and to hope that he's learned something from this. That's the hope," said Raffle's other son Beau.

The only person Lee wishes could have been present for the sentencing was his mom, who lost her battle with cancer just nine months after Raffle's murder.

""We all took care of her. We did all the things he did, but it's really not the same because he did everything for her," said Lee.

The family is waiting for Brandon Roberts' sentencing on May 3rd.

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