Phoenix police locate Good Samaritan after north Phoenix crash

PHOENIX, AZ - A 73-year-old woman had the opportunity Tuesday to thank the Good Samaritan who saved her life.
Joann Lang was pinned under her car after her vehicle flipped several times after being hit by another vehicle at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Bell Road on November 14th.
The car landed on her arm and she was bleeding profusely.
Nineteen-year-old Lucas Robinson came to her aid using his belt as a tourniquet and comforted her. He had to wedge himself into a small area under the car despite the danger.

"I took my belt off when I was running to her and I asked ma'am may I put a tourniquet around your arm to stop the bleeding? And she was adamant about yes, yes do it do it," said Robinson.

When paramedics arrived, Robinson left the scene and went back to work.

On Tuesday, the two sides came together again.

Leon is Joann's husband, and Tuesday, he finally got to thank and meet the man who saved his wife's life.

Leon is a retired military colonel and volunteers to help retired military personnel through "Airmen Attic."

Joann was on her way to pick up donations when she was involved in the accident.

She is still undergoing surgeries and had to have her arm amputated. 

The accident is under investigation.

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