Phoenix man says accident just a matter of time

PHOENIX - Part of one north Phoenix neighborhood lost power after a truck broke off a pole and ran into a backyard fence Tuesday morning.

The accident, in which the driver fled the scene, happened overnight near 27th and Grovers avenues.

The pickup truck apparently lost control in the intersection, hit the pole and ended up smashing through neighbor David Holleran's block fence.

Holleran said it was just a matter of time before it happened.

"There's a bunch of accidents here, they need to do something because they blow through the stop sign all the time," he said.

Holleran said he saw the male driver apparently trying to back the truck up, then talking to neighbors across the street before disappearing.

He said police told him the driver lives nearby in the neighborhood.

Arizona Public Service crews could be seen replacing the pole to restore power to the affected homes.

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