Phoenix home invasion: Phoenix police arrest man over home invasions, holds teens at knife point

PHOENIX, AZ - Orlando Espiricueta Mendoza was asleep in his bed when a man opened his bedroom door and pointed a knife at his chest. Mendoza then woke-up his cousin.

"I thought he came in the house to rob us. I told him he could take the stuff he wanted," said the 16-year-old teen.

The suspect, Andrew Torrez, 38, told the the two that he had stabbed a man and wanted their car keys, according to Phoenix Police Department spokesman Trent Crump.

"He told me, 'I just stabbed someone in a parking lot. That's when I looked at his hand and saw the knife," Mendoza said.

Torrez then took the cousin outside and said to act like they were going to work together.

Phoenix police were called to a neighborhood near 42nd Avenue and Northern after reports of a suspicious man trying to break in to several homes, said Crump.

The cousin waved to get the attention of police and that caused Torrez to flee, managing to run over an officer's foot in the process, according to police.

Police caught Torrez at a nearby church parking lot near 35th Avenue and Peoria.

Crump said there was no truth to the, "I stabbed or killed someone" statement Torrez made. Police believe Torrez told the victims that to scare them.

Torrez was booked on trespassing, armed burglary, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault on a police officer, stolen vehicle, and felony flight charges.

 Crump said the officer was treated and released from the hospital.

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