PD: Resident shoots, kills home intruder in N. Phoenix

PHOENIX - Phoenix police have identified a home intruder who was shot and killed by a resident early Wednesday morning.

It happened near 28th Avenue and Thunderbird Road around 2 a.m.

Phoenix police Officer James Holmes said 35-year-old Jason Floyd Wilson was trying to pry open a window when he was spotted by a man who lives there. The occupant, his wife, and two young girls were in the home at the time.

The occupant told police he confronted Wilson and yelled for him to leave. That's when the stranger reportedly reached toward his waistband and the occupant opened fire. Witnesses reported hearing at least three shots. 

Wilson ran into the street and collapsed. He was taken to a hospital where he died. Police have not said if a weapon was found on Wilson.

Earlier in the night, a neighbor said the same man was trying to break into his pickup truck. That neighbor, identified as Matt, said he went out with a baseball bat but did not confront him. Matt said the man appeared to be either "on drugs" or "crazy." He was yelling at his hand and talking loudly to himself, Matt said. 

Matt went back inside to call 911 and when he returned he saw the guy across the street on his neighbor's front porch. He was still yelling, Matt said. Matt said he saw and heard three flash bangs but didn't know where the shots were coming from and went back inside.

Police say the occupant shot the man from inside the home. He never made entry, Holmes said.

The shooting victim has not yet been identified by police. Holmes said the occupant told police he felt threatened because he thought the intruder would get into his daughter's bedroom.

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