Parents upset about 'WTF' shirts at North Pointe Prep Junior High School

PHOENIX - The school dress code is often a controversial topic when talking with students -- and their parents.

The mother of a student at North Pointe Prep in Phoenix was shocked when she heard the new T-shirt design for the school.

"She told me the principal decided to put 'WTF' on the shirt and immediately I said ‘What?!?'"

Terra Lopez thinks it's in bad taste for a principal to let kids walk around wearing these shirts.

"Everyone knows what it means. That's the first impression and everyone thinks it's funny. I think it's very distracting and I don't know what lesson they're trying teach."

In this case it means, "We're The Falcons," the mascot for the school. Lopez isn't buying it.

To Lopez's surprise, she said her daughter was told to take off a flower headband. Lopez explained that the headband was against the dress code.

"It's just upsetting that my daughter was dress-coded over something like a flower."

While the shirts may be funny to students, Lopez thinks it's sending the wrong message.

"That's not the climate you're trying to create at a school, especially junior high kids, who are very impressionable."

Lopez tells ABC15 she did reach out to the principal and hasn't heard back.

ABC15 reached out to him as well, but the front office said he was too busy with spirit week activities.


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