Obamacare: Frustration over website that won't be ready for open enrollment

PHOENIX - Many are upset the Spanish-version for the healthcare exchange won't be ready for open enrollment which starts on Tuesday.

The Spanish-language enrollment website won't be up and running until October 21, almost three weeks after open enrollment begins.           

Victoria Ortiz was born and raised in Mexico City but moved to the United States after she got married 10 years ago.

Ortiz says many in the Hispanic population will find the website very hard to navigate.

Latinos are the largest uninsured group in Arizona and the country.

Ortiz says the announcement is just the latest hit the Hispanic community is taking.

"We are really angry because they are just talking to us because they wanted to get our vote," Ortiz said.

Ortiz says it's not just the down website, but that Obamacare in general is difficult for Latinos who don't speak English to understand.

Even though there is information in Spanish, many of the words don't translate correctly.

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