N. Phoenix neighborhood damaged by Friday storm

PHOENIX - A neighborhood near 59th Avenue and the Loop 101 was hit hard with storms Friday night, leaving a lot of cleanup for homeowners today.

The majority of the mess can be seen in the number of downed trees.

Anna Kuttner was at home Friday night when she heard strong winds whipping debris in her backyard. When she went outside to see the damage, her roofing was ripped off her home and she saw large trees ripped from their roots.

"I couldn't see the sidewalk, there were so many trees all over. There were bats freaking out because of the lightning so it was crazy with lightning, wind and stuff flying everywhere. I told my husband don't worry about whatever is out here, just get inside," Kuttner said.

Neighbors were focused on cleaning up the fallen tree limbs and debris Saturday, using chain saws to break apart large trunks and tree limbs.

It appeared most of the damage was focused on Kuttner's neighborhood, while others seemed relatively untouched.

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