Valley hikers urged to practice safety

PHOENIX - A new sign will sit on the Echo Canyon Hiking Trail, warning people about the dangers of not staying on the trail.

In May 2011, 25-year-old Clint McHale was hiking with a friend. He decided to go exploring, off the trail, and lost his footing.

His friend called 911 but McHale died on the way to the hospital in the helicopter.

His sister, Chelsey says her brother wasn't a dare devil.

In fact, he was an experienced hiker -- who just wanted to veer off the trail.

"I think all the time what if he had gone somewhere else? What if hadn't climbed that particular spot?" said Chelsey.

Those questions are what fueled Chelsey to create a sign to hang at the same trail where her brother died. It warns people of the dangers of hiking.

"I hope people see his picture on the sign and hear the story and realize he was a person not just a statistic," said Chelsey.

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