Good Samaritan jumps two stories to help man in car accident

PHOENIX - A car wreck off the Loop 101 east off-ramp in North Phoenix caught the eye of a good samaritan Saturday night.

Witnesses said the driver of a silver Honda was trying to avoid another hitting a speeding car when he wrecked in a ditch.

"I saw this car come flying off the ravine. I don't know if he tried to get out of the way. It just looked like a lot of cars trying to slow down or get out of the way, and then i think he got the bad end of it," said one witness.

Witnesses say a man who saw the accident from his apartment complex tried to help by jumping over the railing of his balcony two stories up.

"He wanted to hop over the wall to render aid and he injured himself as well. He fractured his leg," said Sgt. Brian Fernandez.

The family of the man who jumped said he is doing alright considering the circumstances.

The driver of the car was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

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