Arizona swim safety: Getting kids around water at an early age can be lifesaving

NORTH PHOENIX - According to Safe Kids Arizona, drowning is the second most common cause of injury to kids and kids between ages one and four seem to be at the highest risk.

Some Valley parents are taking action by teaching their kids how to be safe in and around water.

Bethany Chadd has very energetic 16-month old twin boys who love spending time in the water.

Chadd says the boys love it because they've been taking swim lessons since they were 12-months old.

They take the Little Snapper classes at Hubbard Family Swim School where they spend time in the pool learning several skills that could be lifesaving.

Kids in the class learn how to float on their backs and how to kick their feet. The goal is to get them comfortable in the water.

Owner Bob Hubbard says these lessons could help prevent drownings. He says it's also about getting the parents comfortable with having their kids around water.

So the parents get in the pool as well, working directly with their kids, and using songs and games to teach the valuable skills.

Hubbard says it's important to get your kids around water at an early age and even if it's not at their facility, he encourages people to check out their community pools or local YMCAs.

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